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My name is Stacie Neffendorf and I am a pediatric speech language pathologist. I am thrilled to open my first blog! My intention is to encourage other speech-language pathologists in thinking outside the box, assisting with ideas on how to better manage your caseloads, communicate and collaborate with other professionals and parents, and to provide quality information regarding best practices for assessment and treatment! I also encourage parents of children with speech/language and feeding swallowing to follow along! Please invite your students’ or patient’s families’ to join the adventure!

If I could describe my clinical approach in one word, it would be characterized as “thorough.” I just HAAATE missing important details.  I enjoy digging deep to find the best answers for my patients and students. I feel it is my job to capture an accurate picture of theirs strengths and weaknesses, create an evidenced based therapy plan, and to scaffold skills in order to maximize their independence.

I LOOOOOOVE asking the hard questions and figuring out difficult cases. Please e-mail me your question(s) at stacie.speech@gmail.com. If I feature your question on my blog, I will provide you will a free product from my teachers pay teachers store, or will create a custom product for you! Thanks for stopping by!

Contact me at stacie.speech@gmail.com, follow me on Facebook at Speech with Miss Stacie, or find me at www.teacherspayteachers.com in my store!

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